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Jason Trulby, the founder of Plymouth Wine Company, has been vital to the development, introduction, and promotion of a wide variety of high-quality wine labels for over two decades. He set out with the solitary goal of providing wines that over-deliver in quality and value in their class, and he did so with expert awareness of the industry's inherent volatility and refined sense of wine as a visceral statement of luxury and indulgence. This approach has garnered success stories at every turn for the Plymouth family of wines. We are a portfolio-driven company that represents a hand-picked group of Napa Valley and California wines at the highest levels of quality, expertise, and openness to individualized service. For example, Plymouth is the parent company for such illustrious labels as Twenty Rows and Centered, both of which are set in the picturesque Napa Valley, and The Atom, a line of powerful wines developed just recently.

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Our Wines

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The inspiration for Twenty Rows came from the very first vineyard block we established in Napa Valley. Our dream was to produce limited quantities of the highest quality wines from Napa Valley, showcasing the region's unique terroir and capturing the essence of each individual varietal. Our inaugural vintage was released in 2003. Our mission is to introduce you to the sheer elegance of varietal wines that soar in the complexity of taste and feel. Wines from Twenty Rows are made in this distinctive manner, letting the fruit speak for itself. Light intervention is countered by a meticulous blending of numerous tiny lots to create depth and complexity. The resulting wines are harmonious, with an elegant taste and a level of complexity, making them a great match for food.

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To reflect a classic style, Jason created centered wines, which he describes as "wines that can share the table with food, wines that don't overwhelm- wines that are balanced and centered." At centered wines, our signature winemaking style is rooted on balance For us, the word 'centered' bears great importance. It represents a philosophy of life well-lived, and in our winemaking, it reflects a balance between flavor and structure. The final wines are highly textured and show themselves in the glass, bit by bit.

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The Atom Wines, produced by the same winemaking team responsible for the excellent Twenty Rows and Centered. Wines that explode with passion and scientific precision, made from premium fruit carefully selected from the most fertile regions of California's vineyards. Designed to encourage exploration and originality at every stage, without constraints or inhibitions.

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California Pinot Noir & Sauvignon Blanc

Born of subtle nuance and evolution, handcrafted with patience and perseverance. From pressure, to rest, and again reborn. In each passing age, a change everlasting. Time is better measured with memory. Unsorted, an expression of raw energy

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California Sparkling Rosé

It's the sparkling décor for your next party, radiating glitz and good cheer. Let our strawberry aura and nectarous spritz tickle your fancy when the glitz is on. The secret to turning any get-together into a Bash! is to take off your shoes and make a big splash.

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